And You Thought Business Wasn’t Personal?

business personal

When surveyed, people indicated that they wouldn’t want to automate any portion of their personal relationships. However, in business, we are constantly suggesting that we automate repeatable processes in order to increase productivity and to earn more money. While, initial conversations aren’t often harmed by automation, you need to make sure that you make a personal impression.

You’ve heard it said, “Separate your business and personal life.” Now, if you are taking this simply as a prescription to avoid the complications and potential unethical behavior associated with entertaining an office romance, it’s a fine epigram.

Getting Personal is Unavoidable

However, you can’t overlook the fact that business is indeed personal. Especially, if you are in a professional services business, you are selling what your company can do or what it is you offer. You are repackaging and marketing the skills and talents that your team has. Communicating that value is an endeavor that’s uniquely personal, based on integrity and demonstrated experience.

I’m sure you’ve also heard, “No one cares what you know if they don’t know how much you care.” If your client doesn’t think that you have their best interests at heart, you aren’t going to get very far.

Use the Situation to Your Advantage

I’m not suggesting that you obliterate the boundaries between your business and personal life, but, in many cases, it is helpful to recognize that creating a business relationship starts much the same way as any healthy relationship. Use your personal skills in your business life to explore information, create affinity, establish trust, and honor commitments.

Old Navy’s Sly Spring Ad Campaign Featuring Amy Poehler

sscroppedHave you heard about Old Navy’s current sale? I have. . .but for multiple reasons. . .I’m a member of their emailing list, I’m sure I’ve visited the site enough to be targeted for ads in my browser (like the one to the right), and I heard a young girl scream yesterday, “All dresses are on SALE,” as I passed the store.

Aside from the real life uninhibited screaming of a young shopper, one of the best ways that I was informed about the sale was through a bit of advertainment. I opened an email blast, clicked through the video, and voilà without realizing it I was knee-deep in an advertisement, indulging in a short entertaining skit. The video shows the epic Amy Poehler as a mock chain Mexican food server (seems like Chipotle!) having a vivid conversation with a customer regarding her eating and shopping preferences! It’s been viewed 258,646 times in the past 6 days since it’s been posted! Watch below!

Old Navy created a call to action asking the reader to watch, “Old Navy TV,” drawing the subsriber in by offering a seemingly fun distraction. Advertainment isn’t anything new in the advertising world, but, the way that brands choose to execute and deliver this type of messaging to consumers is become more and more subtle yet interactive.

Old Navy Call to action

One other thought. . .I wonder how many of Old Navy’s shoppers and credit card holders watch Parks and Recreation, eat at Chipotle, and have a buying history of snatching up dresses at the beginning of Spring? If I had to pick the customers that this campaign would most appeal to, it would be those that fit that profile.

Here’s more hilarity from Old Navy and Amy if you haven’t already watched it:

How Diverse is Your Media Diet?

Media diet_cropped

Back in 2009, WIRED magazine released a media diet that the average American could follow to spread their daily hours spent with media across different modes. Take a look at it here:

media diet pyramid

Now, a recent study from Nielsen shows that Americans spend 11 hours with digital media each day.

mashable graph

You are known by who you associate with. How are you spending those 11 hours each day? With which companies/brands do you spend the most time and for what purpose? Just something to think about.

Share in the comments below if your heart so desires.

How Many Brands Touch Your Life in a Day?

branded chocolate

It’s not often that we pay attention to how we are interacting with brands on a daily basis. The other day, I was thinking about my to-do list and listing each store that I was headed to. Then a light bulb went off. Does this mean that I’m a brand subscriber for each of these places simply because I shop there? Some would say “absolutely,” while others would ask how often I shop there and if I am a member of the company’s rewards program.

From the clothes I wear to the car I drive, to the label on the food I eat, there are so many brands that I interact with everyday. This got me wondering … if I could count them, how many brands touch my life daily? I’m going to do my best to count each one tomorrow. My guess is I’ll notice about 80 percent of them. Look out for a follow up post with a list. Share your own daily brand interactions in the comments below.

FedEx Procession Surprise


No, this group of FedEx employees wasn’t driving in tandem to make a many part delivery, they rounded up 100 FedEx trucks to honor a fellow worker, Mickey, who had passed away. They surprised his family by escorting them to the cemetery. Heart warming and an easy kindness, really.

How do you create a culture of people who care about one another deeply and are willing to come together? It’s simple, give employees opportunities to: create friendships, connect with one another, and rely on each other. The rest will take care of itself.

Source: SlipTalk

10 Levels of Intimacy in Today’s Communication

modes communication

How often have you thought about the way that you communicate with others on a day-to-day basis? How often would you say that you send a text message to one of your closest friends or ring them up during the work week? Some recent professional and personal conversations, have lead me to take a look at the mode and frequency of communication that I choose to use.

What do you think of the graphic above? Do you find you use these modes of communication in this rank of intimacy? Do you use these in alternative or atypical ways? I would love to hear your take below in the comments!

HOPA Dry Erase Girl (2010) makes a reappearance on social networks


Facebook’s recent deal to acquire WhatsApp, makes me think that we are getting closer to having one primary social network that we do everything on. While, the logistics of such a feat are complicated, I wouldn’t be surprised if within the next five years, there are only 2-3 primary game players in the social networking sphere.

But the “big boys” wouldn’t get anywhere without content! Stories that are similar to one another tend to become popular around the same time and are repeated over and over in a culture (read: meme). Floating around Facebook this morning is a story about a young assistant who quits her job via a dry erase board. Take a look at it here. It was revealed later that it was a hoax put on by two masterminds at the Chive.

This story is four years old, but due to a recent resurgence of stories about female employees who have quit their jobs, it has gained interest again. The story is similar to the Super Bowl commercial where the puppeteer quits her day job and the story about the woman who was frustrated with the company’s focus on quantity over quality who teasingly left her post  via viral video.

Content creators and social media savants, make sure you are watching the trends and have relevant content top of mind and queued for publishing!

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