What Will One Tweet a Day Do for You?

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Maybe you are new to social media marketing or maybe you are one of the pros that have been twitterpating up the character based location lines since ‘06. No matter how long you’ve been at it, you’ve probably realized that to stay relevant in that ongoing riotous and reveling news feed you need to post – and do it often!

Many social media marketers find themselves filling up post scheduling tools with as much content as possible just to stay ahead. But, remember that old adage, less is more? Let’s take a look at what just one tweet a day on your business twitter account can do for you.

Here’s a quick rundown of some stats on tweeting frequency. Take a look to see where you fall. According to a recent post by Hubspot, 23% of business in the marketing services space tweet at least once per week. In software/tech industries, 21% of businesses tweet once a day. Of the other tweeting frequencies mentioned only 19% of marketing services and 17% of software/tech services tweet more than once a day. For both of these industries, the majority is tweeting less than once per week!

Alternatively, Buffer, a well-known post scheduling tool recommends that you tweet at least 5 times per day for optimal engagement. I don’t know if you are putting two and two together, but you can see that there’s a big gap between what businesses are doing on social media and what some of the stats say they should do.

It would seem that to stay competitive, you would need to blast out those tweets every four hours. But, to start, it’s important to build a base following and to focus on interactions over frequency. Your goal is to get people educated and interested in your brand so that they will want to share your content.

You can achieve base building with just one post per day. Once you do that, you can focus on increasing your tweet frequency. By then, you’ll be ready to ramp up and will have lots of people excited to see your content.

Happy Tweeting!

I See Bananas Every Day! Do You?

photoConsumers are choosing apps that fit their lifestyle. I have over five apps on my phone and mobile devices that help me to track my health and fitness. But, like any good American, before downloading another app, I’m always asking, “What’s in it for me?”

Pact app rewards users for their healthy lifestyle choices. Users who don’t fulfill their Pact goals are fined while users that meet their goals are rewarded. This sounds like the type of thing your mother would teach you, right?

I’ve been using the app, formerly known as GymPact since 2012 (you can see my review here). Pact has helped me to keep up with my exercise schedule and to be accountable for meal tracking.

Now, Pact has introduced a new incentive program for users to track and document the fruits and vegetables they eat. It’s as simple as: Snap, Upload, Vote.

Users take a picture of the fruit or vegetable that they are eating and share it to the app. Then, other users get to vote whether the picture counts toward the fruit or vegetable commitment.

The result. You get to see a lot of weird food pictures.

Mostly bananas.


Adding this social element to the app has changed my experience as a user. It’s made me spend more time on the app because I want to vote for more users’ pictures. It’s also given me great ideas for smoothies and other healthy eating ideas.

Introducing a community and social element to any app will give users a sense of being apart of a clan or group. In this case, imagine if all the people who uploaded banana pictures united. That’s bound to be over 2,000 people. Social elements can be introduced into apps to reinforce healthy behaviors or promote relevant products or services.

Want more bananas in your life? Get the Pact app today.